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Job Board Value & Support

Since our introduction to the job board industry back in 2009, the JOBartO team has interacted with a range of clientele including; high-end publishers, stand alone job board owners, associations and job board networks. The experiences has exposed us to view a number of approaches by job boards by building internally, outsourcing to a third party provider like JOBartO, buying the source code or Word Press.

From our time within the job board industry, we understand that building, maintaining and running a job board is a costly and time consuming endeavor. Considering the on-going changes in the market like the update by Google this summer, job board development is a continuous task to stay ahead of the competition.

As such, our mission is to provide our clients with a valued solution and the support to provide your company with the opportunities for lasting success.

Each day our team is continually focused on implementing new features and functionality for job boards to allow our clients to focus on their strengths of marketing and selling their job board services.


  • The advantages to utilizing a SaaS job board software is to reduce and/or eliminate the cost of internal technical resources, hardware (for hosting) and the length of time to implement new features and functionality
  • Designed to help reallocate your development and maintenances costs into your core competencies, providing value to your users


  • Our account management team is located in West Palm Beach, FL and accessible via phone, email, Skype, etc. to address any questions/bugs
  • Each month our dedicated account experts met with clients to hear direct feedback on the performance of your site. With our experience of working with a wide range of job board sites, we offer helpful tips to guide you to success

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