Boost Site Efficiency

According to the 2015 Job Board Trends Survey, over 80% of job board owners view the quality of applicants as critical for their employers. With that said, how can we accomplish this?

  • Automated processes to encourage user engagement and retention with specific recommendations
  • Leveraging site analytics to empower employers to make informed decisions
  • Providing job and resume alerts to keep your jobseekers and employers knowledgeable of current opportunities
  • Utilizing integrated networks to push employer job postings to specific niche networks
  • Fully integrated reporting metrics to review site applications within employer and administrative dashboards
  • Automated up-sell triggered emails to assist your sales team and client interaction
  • Unique landing page url’s built with SEO best practices to boost your page rankings
  • Leveraging built-in Content Management System to distribute relevant and unique content to your user base.

Reporting & Analytics

“Data and analytics are also becoming extremely important – employers (and even job seekers) don’t want to do the work, they want the software to tell them everything they need to know to make effective decisions.” Source: 2015 Job Board Doctor Trends Survey

JOBartO integrates real-time analytics to provide employers with up-to-date statistics on top performing job titles, salary range, location information, etc. During the job posting process, the employer will have a better understanding of the job board audience and how to tap into the specific users they are seeking.

  • One of the recurring problems discovered during our period of job board operation is the trouble with maintaining high quality job descriptions on job boards. As a result, we utilize site analytics to provide your employers with relevant and knowledgeable data during the job posting process.
  • Present analytical data to measure marketing results and recommendations to your customers and users
  • Utilizing the power of data to empower employers to make informed decisions about the job board users.
  • 10+ reports available to administrative job board users to review and optimize site performance.

Configurable & Branded Job Board

Our job board platform technology is fully branded with your company logocolor scheme and focus on establishing your brand as the go-to-place for both candidates and employers.

  • Your company branding implemented and consistent through the job board
  • Email marketing with your brand and designated design elements
  • Tailor job content to your audience, job categories, job types, salary range, benefits, etc
  • Built-in CMS platform to provide ability to have open dialogue with your users
  • All product pricing is customizable and managed within your dashboard
  • And many more...

See JOBartO in Action

Schedule a demo to get a tour of the JOBartO platform and learn how we may assist your job board technology and business.